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Our Philosphy:

A team which understands the problem, has the resources necessary to address that problem and is committed to success, can solve any problem.  We have been part of the solution for many complex problems related to intellectual property.  All of that experience can add value to your efforts, make your efforts more efficient and help you achieve your goals. 

Our Commitment

Our success is measured by the value we add to your company.  We work with you to identify your problem; to locate the information, personnel and materials needed to understand it; then to invest the resources necessary to present a solution within the agreed upon time frame. 

Our Experience

For over forty years, our principal consultant evaluated, created, and litigated intellectual property for businesses ranging from garage start-ups to large corporations.  He did that for most of his career in the best and largest intellectual property law firm in the world.  He has seen triumphs and disasters, and learned through experience that success and failure do not always correlate with the obvious.

You’ll Need Us When:

You developed something new and don’t know how to protect it or bring it to market

You need to make a decision whether to bring a new product to market or continue R & D

You need someone to execute your intellectual property plan

You have an intellectual property problem and need a solution 

Your technology is being used by others

You need to find experts in services related to intellectual property 

You want to expand into an unfamiliar area of business or technology

You need an independent assessment of ongoing intellectual property litigation

You are being sued and you don’t have the resources to both litigate and run a business

Litigation is depressing the value of your company

Your research never seems to create the intellectual property needed to commercialize or license the technology