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Part-time IP counsel

Companies without the resources to have in-house IP counsel rely on company personnel to identify new technical developments. Management generally determines if and how they are to be protected, they initiate any IP work, and oversee the legal efforts of outside counsel creating the IP. Many times management is focused on company issues that are more pressing than IP. As a result, the IP work may not get done or it may be done late. In addition, technical personnel may not recognize the business significance (as opposed to the technical elegance) of new developments, and assume they know what is valuable and protectable.  As a result valuable IP may be overlooked or lost. Even when valuable IP is identified, many times it occurs close to a legal deadline. Doing high priority IP work under significant time pressure results in the IP being hastily prepared in a process that is both disruptive and inefficient. 

We have an economical solution to this problem. For a fixed fee, a highly experienced IP attorney will visit the company periodically. After initially meeting with business personnel to determine company priorities, the attorney will meet with the appropriate technical personnel to determine if current or contemplated work raises IP issues. Any significance developments or issues will be discussed with company management to develop a proposed course of action. Peterson IPC will prepare a plan, with a timeline and a cost estimate. The company may chose to execute the plan, or for an additional fixed fee, Peterson IPC will work with existing IP counsel (or retain outside IP counsel) to insure that their efforts comport with the goals of the company as set out in the plan. Peterson IPC will not create any IP, but will review it for business and legal issues.  Where appropriate, the IP can be designed to be licensed, to provide income to the company. 

Using such a program the company can be sure that valuable developments are proactively identified, are properly protected and, where appropriate, used effectively to provide licensing income for the company. 

This can be accomplished with predictable costs that are significantly lower than that of having in-house IP counsel and a support staff. At the same time, it allows  company management to focus on non-IP related issues that are critical to the day to day operation of the company 


Funded Problem Solutions

Many companies encounter technical problems that are barriers to more efficient production or product development that are outside of their areas of expertise. The company may lack the economic or technical resources to solve the problem.

We have a proprietary program that may solve your technical problem, at little or no cost.  


IP Resource Locator

If your company is looking for someone to provide IP services in the United States or overseas, we can help determine their competence and experience. Our experience in all phases of intellectual property has given us access and experience with thousands of service providers. We know the questions to ask, who to ask, and, in many cases, we have experience in evaluating their work product first hand. Whether you are seeking an attorney to argue an IP case at the U.S. Supreme Court, find a search firm, or someone having expertise an obscure area of IP or technology related law we can help. 


IP Education

If your company needs a presentation on a legal topic we can help. If we are not the best source of information on the topic of interest, we will find those who are. 

We can provide presentations on the following topics:

  • Basic patent law and practice
  • Best practices for patent drafting and prosecution 
  • Patenting advanced nonorganic materials
  • Non-litigation dispute resolution
  • Protecting product designs
  • Protecting trade secrets
  • Support infrastructure for IP prosecution
  • Managing outside IP counsel
  • Litigating trade secrets
  • Litigating design patents
  • Cost benefit analysis of litigation scenarios
  • International IP litigation forum selection
  • National IP litigation forum selection
  • Export issues for technical information
  • Cultural diversity in business transactions



IP Review

If your company would like an unbiased review of an IP related work product, we can help. Peterson IPC does not create, opine on, or litigate intellectual property. But if your company needs experienced IP counsel to evaluate an IP work product, we can help. We come from a culture of collaboration and joint development of both work products and strategy. In our experience, many times a second person reviewing an excellent work product may see issues that were unrecognized by the most capable of attorneys.

We will not act as proof-readers or revise IP prepared by inexperienced or unskilled practitioners, but we will provide input as to the quality of an IP work product and may suggest additional issues or different strategic approaches.


Additional Programs

Peterson IPC has additional programs related to intellectual property that are either proprietary or under development. As those under development are refined they will be added to the listed programs.

If your company has any IP related problem, we can help, whether it is with an existing program or a modification of one of our existing programs. Alternatively, we can develop a program to address your company's specific needs.