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"""How It Works" " "

First we discuss your goals. Are they achievable within a time frame that will make a significant difference?  What are the problems preventing you from reaching your goals?  What tools and information are necessary to fully understand the problems?  Do we need the input of specialists to deal with specific issues, such as accounting, taxes, marketing, government regulations, health, or safety matters?

Once we have done the research necessary to understand the problem, the most interesting part follows – the analysis of facts and formulation of a plan. The plan may be the product of individual or group effort, or a combination of the two. Once the plan is formulated and its probability of success considered, implementation begins.  Execution of the plan may be modified or unchanged to reflect the realities learned while implementing it. The plan, the vision, the skill and the decision-making abilities of those executing it, as well as unknown factors beyond the control of the planners will determine whether or not it succeeds.

Experience has shown us that not all problems can be resolved; however, the problem-solving skills gained through our years of working in intellectual property law greatly maximize the probability of success.

Our compensation will be based on the value added to your bottom line.  The results will be provided within a time frame that will maximize their impact and minimize the hours spent on the solution.  This consulting practice is a personal practice. The fees are for insight and experience, not for staff and infrastructure.  Support will be acquired, whether it is personnel for plan execution, space for a meeting, research or other necessary services.

What you Get: 

 An initial meeting to discuss your goals

 A written summary of information and materials necessary to formulate a plan

 A written analysis of the goals and an estimated time frame in which to achieve them

 A written plan with specific milestones

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Our Philosphy:

A team which understands the problem, has the resources necessary to address that problem and is committed to success, can solve any problem.  We have been part of the solution for many complex problems related to intellectual property.  All of that experience can add value to your efforts, make your efforts more efficient and help you achieve your goals. 

Our Commitment

Our success is measured by the value we add to your company.  We work with you to identify your problem; to locate the information, personnel and materials needed to understand it; then to invest the resources necessary to present a solution within the agreed upon time frame. 

Our Experience

For over forty years, our principal consultant evaluated, created, and litigated intellectual property for businesses ranging from garage start-ups to large corporations.  He did that for most of his career in the best and largest intellectual property law firm in the world.  He has seen triumphs and disasters, and learned through experience that success and failure do not always correlate with the obvious.